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You Always Own Your Accounts & Data - 100%

Everything that we do is in the best interest of our clients – that’s why our clients will always own their accounts 100%. From your website to Google Ads to Analytics and everything else that we do – our clients retain ownership at all times. We will never hold your account or data hostage to keep you from leaving us. 

Our philosophy is to stand behind our work ethic and performance as a way to keep our clients happy and engage with us.

It frustrates me when I talk to another business owner that’s trying to do the right thing and grow their business, yet someone else owns their website, ad account, or phone numbers.

One of the first steps in working together is to get a grasp on my clients digital accounts, set-up proper ownership, and give them a document outlining everything.

You should never feel trapped to stay with a marketing agency or consultant. You need to take the necessary steps to grow your business.

Jon Stroz Founder
Southernmost Digital was founded by Jon Stroz to help small businesses that want to compete with the big guys but might not have the marketing teams or giant budgets that the larger companies have.

Lead Gen Solutions & Online Marketing For

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Improve Your Online Presence

How Does YOUR Business Look Online?

Local SEO Report Header | Southernmost Digital

Are you tired of worrying about your marketing campaigns, ad spend, and generating leads?​

I've been running online marketing campaign since 2001

Sick of "marketing gurus" that over-promise and under-deliver?​

I have a proven track record for generating strong results

Do you want to actually look forward to reviewing your marketing reports?​

My clients actually enjoy reviewing their marketing numbers and programs every month

Search Engine Optimization | Southernmost Digital

Improve Your Online Presence

Make your business stand out amongst the rest.

Give potential and existing customers the ability to find you and feel confident you’re the right fit for their needs.

Lead Generation | Southernmost Digital

Generate Leads & New Business

Drive new business through your website and online marketing channels. 

  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads & Facebook Ads Campaigns


Online Dynamic Reporting | Southernmost Digital

Track Everything to Improve ROI

Keeping a close eye on your marketing efforts and tracking results will help you more efficiently spend your marketing budget and do more with less money.

How Do We Do It?

Account Audit & Access

Accounts Audit & Set-Up

Someone set-up the Facebook, I'm not sure who. And that Google Ads account...It's not uncommon to not have access to everything. We'll work with you to uncover everything and put all the information in one place.

Lead Generation | Southernmost Digital

Lead Generation

Drive more phone calls, form fills, and revenue for your business through online marketing channels.

Local SEO Programs | Southernmost Digital

Local SEO

When people do "near me" or "local" searches, having a strong Local SEO strategy will make your business rise to the top. We'll work alongside you to make sure that your business is listed first.

Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Campaigns | Southernmost Digital

Paid Search Ads

Ranking well for when your customers search for you on Google (and Bing) can help drive you new customers that are ready to spend money. We've been running Google Ads campaigns since 2002 (that's not a typo).

Review Management

Review Management

Not only have we polished the process to generate reviews, we have a 5-step method for promoting them around the web.

Online Dynamic Reporting | Southernmost Digital

Dynamic Reporting

Keeping track of all your data can be cumbersome. That's why we give you an online report portal that you can track all of your campaigns from the luxury of your office, car, beach, or anywhere else with an internet connection. (Yes...even there).

Featured Service of the Month

Review Generation Program

$0 Set-up Fee

Set-up Fee Waived This Month

Book a demo for a review generation program this month, and we'll waive the set-up ($99) fee and give you 10% off the first 3 months.

A review generation program with Southernmost Digital will help your company rise to the top of local search results – as well as give you plenty of street cred with potential customers.

Reviews Capture | Southernmost Digital


We'll set-up a system to automatically ask for reviews from your customers after service is complete.

Reviews Manage | Southernmost Digital


We'll respond to all reviews on your behalf, flagging any reviews that need your attention.

Reviews Promote | Southernmost Digital


We'll share your great reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, your website, emails. Basically anywhere we can to help drive new business!

What's Behind the Name: Southernmost Digital?

Southernmost Digital was dreamt up while sitting on the very beach in this background. My dream of working from an island is built into the name.

 While I don’t live in Key West year-round yet, it’s not unheard of to hear a rooster in the background on a conference call.

Wouldn’t you want to have your marketing strategy meetings on the beach someday?

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