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Helpful Tools for Small Business Owners & Marketing Teams

We’re all about helping, whether that means managing our clients’ digital marketing efforts in a hands-on role, or providing helpful resources for those DIY-inspired business owners. Here are some resources that we created to help save you time on the nitty gritty details so you can focus on what you came here to do: build your business!

Online Tool: Review Response Generator

It’s important to respond to your online reviews, even if you’re no Shakespeare. That’s why we crafted this easy-to-use response generator that’ll help you write your replies to any positive, negative, or neutral feedback that lands in your inbox.

Online Tool: Local SEO Audit

Whether you’re new to the digital marketing game or not, understanding just how searchable your business is on Google can go a long way in improving your marketing efforts. Let us take a look and get you a quick diagnosis. 

Instructions: How to Grant Read-Only Access To Your Google Ads Account

You probably have everything set up just right in your Google Ads account. (If you have no idea what this means, give us a call, we’ve got you covered.) Here’s a step-by-step process for granting viewing access without editing permissions. 

Cheat Sheet Guide: Virtual Answering Services

Not having enough time to take every call is a sign of a growing business – that’s good! We curated a list of virtual answering services for you to choose based on your needs so you don’t have to do all that research on your own – you don’t have time for that, after all! 

Template: SEO Meta Tag Creation

So you need to update your title and description tags for your website. We’ve built this template for our clients, and ourselves, to help make that task easier. 

Keep your title tags to between 50-60 characters, and your descriptions to 50-160. This Google Sheets template will keep you in the Green.

Just open, make a copy, and go to town.

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