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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s really important to respond to any review or rating that you receive, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

Your customers want to know that you’re listening to them and value their feedback.

Ugh – isn’t it a pain?

You can certainly try appealing to the platform where the review was posted – we’ve seen varying levels of success there.

Either way, you should respond to the review with a simple “Hi, I’m sorry but it looks like you may have posted this review for the wrong business.” 

While not ideal, it will still show anyone that is reading through your reviews that you are listening.

And lastly, simply work on generating more 5-star reviews to make those spam reviews less important.

Everyone loves getting more 5-star reviews. But how do you generate them?

The biggest thing to do is simply ask your customers to review you – you’d be surprised how many companies skip this step.

We put in a place a system for our clients to ask every customer for feedback and to review them on Google, Facebook, and other relevant platforms.

We can help you generate more reviews as well – give us a call and we walk you through the process!

Well, we’ve all encountered that review. 

First – take a deep breath and don’t post a reply that will hurt more than it helps to fix the situation.

Second – collect all the facts that you can. Is there any truth to what they said? Can you learn anything from the situation to improve your business or your processes?

Lastly – Take the high road. Craft a great response (hey, you can use our tool) and post your reply. 

It doesn’t benefit you at all to get into a fighting match on any social media platforms. Simply post your reply and move on. 

Generate more 5-star reviews and that one will mean a lot less.

First, congrats on the high marks! It certainly is not easy getting five-stars every time.

Having a 4.9 rating won’t hurt one bit. In fact, studies have shown that businesses with perfect 5-star ratings can seem less genuine. Nobody can please everyone all the time. Having a handful of 4 or even 3 star reviews from time to time actual builds credibility for your business.

Now, don’t go trying to get 1-star reviews on purpose, but a 4-star review here and there is just fine.

Neutral Review Response Generator | Southernmost Digtial

Well, it’s not a great review, but it’s not bad either. Hopefully you can learn from it and improve your business. Either way, use our Neutral Review Response Generator tool to create a unique response to your review.

There are over 80,000 unique combinations that you can build below!

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