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Local SEO Audit

Perform a completely free scan across the web of your local business. This tool will uncover how well you appear compared to your competition.

View the report online or download the PDF. 

Local SEO Audit Report | Southernmost Digital

Gain Valuable Insights Into the Key Factors That Influence Your Local Search Ranking

Google My Business Listing

We'll take a look at your Google My Business Listings, reporting on a number of important criteria and benchmarks. We rank your website against the top 10 ranked businesses in your area.

Local Business Listings

We'll look at how consistent your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is throughout the web. This is a key factor in Local SEO rankings.

Rank Checker

We'll look at how well your business ranks in local Google & Bing searches for specific keywords you provide us.


We report back on your total reviews, avg. rating and score on each site. We also display the most recent 10 reviews across all these sites.

Social Channels

We'll examine your use of and popularity across social media. It's important to 'socialise' your business so that your customers can share their experiences with their friends and turn them into new customers

Links & Website Authority

A look at various key SEO indicators that impact how well your site ranks organically

On-Site SEO

We'll review on-site SEO factors of your website, either visible on the page or in the code of your website (which you can't see, but search engines can) that affect the site's search rankings.

View Online or Download the PDF

You'll be able to review your report anytime via a link right after your submit your company information. You'll also have a chance to download a PDF version to share around the office.

Local SEO Audit Report

Local SEO Audit Sample Report

You'll gain access to view the report in your web browser, or download the PDF to share around the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep – 100%. We’ll follow-up with you to make sure you understand the report and answer any questions you might have about it. 

No Credit Card needed here.

In general it takes about five minutes to pull the entire report together. Plenty of time to grab a cup of coffee, or take a snack break.

Don’t have that kind of time? No worries, just fill in your info and we’ll email you a copy of your report.

There’s no failing here. The good news is Southernmost Digital has plenty of expertise in working with local businesses to improve their local search rankings.

It’s better to know now than to continue to ignore it – Local SEO won’t fix itself.

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