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Local Marketing for Small Businesses

Think of Southernmost Digital as your marketing team. We work local companies from a one-man shop looking to grow, or larger organization hoping to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

The dentists, home services clients, and small businesses that we work with rely on us to deliver results. We work with each client to find the right lead generation program and marketing tactics that work to bring visibility to their organization, drive leads, and maximize their marketing dollars.

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Lead Generation | Southernmost Digital

Lead Generation

Let's be honest, this is the reason you're here and what everything on this page is designed to do.

We work with you to drive more phone calls, form fills, and revenue for your business. Bonus points: we do it with a smile every time!​
Landing Page Optimization | Southernmost Digital

Landing Page Optimization

It's not enough to just generate traffic, you need to find traffic that converts.

We'll create A/B tests of your landing pages to try out all different elements to see which converts better. Do you know which color button converts best?​
Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Have a new service you're offering? Or want to remind someone about a service they saw on your site?

We'll create those ads that follow your visitors around the web to pull them back to your site.​
Display Advertising

Social Advertising

There are at least 879 different ways that we've found to target different people on Facebook and Instagram.

Let's use that knowledge to reach potential customers, driving awareness and brand recognition.
Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Campaigns | Southernmost Digital

Pay Per Click

We've been running PPC campaigns since 2001 (that's not a typo). PPC is one part science, one part art, and a whole lot of testing & optimization.

We'll set-up and manage your campaigns on Google & Bing.​
Email Marketing Campaigns | Southernmost Digital

Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most cost effective forms are marketing. Keep your customers up-to-date on all of the products, services, and company news you have to share.

We've got great tools to help with this.
Google Local Service Ads | Southernmost Digital

Local Service Ads

Otherwise known as Google Guarantee - this ad unit is specifically for home service providers, allowing you to only pay for verified calls and online bookings.​

We'll help you set this up and start driving calls immediately.
Content Marketing | Southernmost Digital

Content Marketing

Who has time to keep up with posting to Facebook, Instagram, and all of the other social media outlets?

We do. And we'll curate custom content just for you. Blogs, social posts, Facebook, Instagram #ContentIsKing

Local Marketing

Local SEO Programs | Southernmost Digital

Local SEO

When people do "near me" or "local" searches, having a strong Local SEO strategy will make your business rise to the top.

We'll work alongside you to make sure that your business is listed first.​
Google My Business Listing Management | Southernmost Digital

Google My Business

We'll take over the management and optimization of your Google My Business page. Keeping content fresh, making sure all the fields are filled out, and working to keep your ratings and reviews 5-stars.​
Review Management

Review Management

Less than 10% of small businesses have a process for getting reviews.

Not only have we polished the process to generate reviews, we have a 5-step method for promoting them around the web.​
Local SEO Citation Campaign | Southernmost Digital

Online Listings

On average, the top 3 listings in Local 3-packs for Google have 75+ listings throughout the web.

Our campaigns will help you grow your listings and improve your rankings.​

Website Services

Website Maintenance & Upkeep | Southernmost Digital

Website Creation

Do you cringe a little when you send someone to your website? Does it need a bit of sprucing up, or perhaps a complete renovation?

We work with local businesses to give their website a much needed jolt.
Website Maintenance & Upkeep | Southernmost Digital

Website Upkeep

Sometimes you just need to add in a new page on the fly, or fix a broken link. So long as you're using WordPress we got you.

We'll also make sure you have back-ups in place and keep your site & plug-ins up to date.
Search Engine Optimization | Southernmost Digital

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

Headers, Title Tags, Content. So many elements go in to a strong SEO strategy.

We'll come up with that strategy, give you a guide for creating new content, and work with you to improve your site's SEO.​
Website Audits | Southernmost Digital

Website Audits

Having two decades in digital marketing, we've seen our share of effective sites.

We'll review your site and give you tips to improve, even send you a text if your site goes down in the middle of the night. (No drunk texts, promise)​

Account Management

Account Audit & Access

Account Audit & Access

It's important to have your digital house in order.

We take a look under the digital hood to make sure you fully own your accounts (ALWAYS OWN YOUR ACCOUNTS) and give you a master document outlining all of your accounts.​
Analytics Tracking & Measurement | Southernmost Digital

Analytics & Measurement

You'll never know how well your marketing is working unless you track it.

We do the deep analysis and give you easy-to-ready reports showing what is working, and what can be improved.
Online Dynamic Reporting | Southernmost Digital

Online Reporting

You own your accounts and your data.

Our web-based reporting tools allows you to check in on your marketing programs from your computer, phone, tablet - anywhere you are, anytime of day or night.
Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design

Are you tired of having different logos, colors, and styles all over the place? We can help create a consistent brand representation that carries through from your Google listing to display ads to the shirt on your back.

Interested to See If Southernmost Digital can Help Out Your Business? Drop Me a Note.

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