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Solving Google HTML5 Ads Problem with AMP Ads

Solving an Issue of "Value is lower than required minimum value"

I came across an issue recently of trying to create a new display campaign for a relatively new client. They had just started advertising with Google a few months ago and I wanted to create a new display campaign using HTML5 Ads.

When building out the campaign and uploading the ads, I ran into an error when uploading:

Value is lower than required minimum value

Doing several Google searches and looking on forums brought me nowhere to understand what this vaule was, and what the minimum should be. So an hour-long phone call with Google was had.

And nothing…at least not on the first phone call (and setting up multiple campaigns in different browsers worked). 

The call I received several hours later revealed the problem.

The above ad is designed as an AMP ad. You can run these in your Google Display Campaigns. They will appear faster than HTML5 ads and can look just as sharp.

HTML5 Ads aren't Available to Everyone on Google

That’s right – those fancy HTML5 ads that Google promotes aren’t available to all accounts, at least not to all NEW accounts. You can take a look at the requirements, but essentially any existing account with $9,000 in ad spend, and in good-standing, is eligible.

Sadly, my client did not meet the $9,000 spend threshold, however their account was in good standing, and it’s been over 90 days, so I applied for HTML5 Access for them.

But that could take up to 7 business days…and with Google, it usually takes at least that.

HTML5 Access Is Automatically Given to Accounts with the Following:
  • Account has been open for more than 90 days
  • Account has a good history of policy compliance
  • Account has more than USD 9,000 total lifetime spend

Or, if your account meets the first two criteria and has at least $1,000 in ad spend, you can apply for access.

But There's Another Way...AMP Ads

AMP ads are different than HTML5 and are designed to load faster and provide a more positive experience for the user. That, and new Google Ads accounts have access to AMP ads.

blue circle lightning bolt in middle
What is AMP?

AMP (originally an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a web component framework and a website publishing technology developed by Google which has the mission to "provide a user-first format for web content".

These ads can still use motion and fancy graphics, but they are limited.


  • Can only run once, they can’t play a loop multiple times (Though Google limits you to 3x)
  • Are limited in effects they can use. For instance blurs or hove actions aren’t allowed.
  • Embedded Items aren’t allowed

But aside from that, AMP ads still have a sharp, crisp look and can be used to promote your brand, product, or service just as well as HTML5 ads, if not better as they load faster.

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