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September Updates

The latest updates in the world of Paid Search. Goodbye Average position, AMP Pages makes nice with JavaScript, and deep linking from search results pages.
  • Goodbye Average Position
  • Adding Javascript to AMP pages
  • New Google Testing: Sending traffic deep within pages

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Goodbye Average Position Metric

Google announced that it is saying goodbye to average position in September 2019. Average position is one of the original Search metrics that Google uses. For example, when you compete in the Google Ads auction, you are being assigned a rank based upon your bid and your score. The ad rank determines where your ads land and then determines your ad’s average position. Ad position is not referring to the ordering of the paid search results, but the location of them. 

Basically, the average position doesn’t tell you everything about where your search ads are landing. Of course, this does cause some confusion among business owners who use this tool. 

Google Ads Average Position

So, why is average position going away? 

To sum it up, Google doesn’t think that average position is that useful anymore. Last November, Google Ads introduced some new metrics for auction performance and SERP visibility. Users will begin using those new metrics for all their needs once average position is officially gone. 

Although this change might seem drastic for some, it means that the online world is always rapidly evolving, and change is always present. You don’t need to worry about using Google or the quality of your ad results. Google knows what it is doing, and these other metrics will definitely get the job done.

You can now add JavaScript to AMP pages!

Did you hear about this? Google has announced that AMP pages can add custom JavaScript. This means that you can share code through AMP-enables and non-AMP pages. 

According to the AMP team, this was often requested by developers. Now, web pages that delivered through AMP are going to have more features that JavaScript offers. In the past, AMP pages have had limited uses and have forced users to compromise between speed and visibility. This is especially true with mobile search results. 

This change will make it much easier to add in Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and Call Tracking to AMP pages. This change is definitely Jon approved!!!

New Google testing

Lastly, Google is currently testing a new feature. This feature will take the searcher directly from the search results to the exact quote they need on the site while highlighting that content. This is something that Google did years ago with mobile searches, and now they think it would be useful on desktops as well. If officially implemented, this new feature will make searches a lot faster and easier for users. People will be able to find the results they need in fewer clicks and less time.

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