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Set-up Gift Cards to Bring in Revenue and New Customers

Gift cards are a great way to bring in revenue for your small business. They are also a good way to help your biggest supports share your company with their friends and family.
Small Business Gift Cards can Generate Revenue | Southernmost Digital

Small Business Gift cards can be great to use in ads on Facebook, targeting friends and family of those celebrating major life events.

A survey in 2018 conducted by Harris Poll, found that 63% of U.S. adults (ages 18 – 65+) would prefer to receive an experience gift than a material gift this holiday season and 50% of U.S. adults plan to give experience gifts this year.

It’s both more enjoyable for the gift giver, and gift receiver to have an experience, rather than a material object that may or may not sit on a shelf, or in the box tucked away in the attic.

Gift Card Programs can Be Ideal for:
  • Newly Engaged Couples
  • New Homeowners
  • Parents, Siblings, and Adult Children
  • Friends
  • Charity Gift Items for Silent Auctions
  • Teachers, Co-Workers, Bosses
  • And More

Gift Cards for Dentists, Home Services, And Other Businesses

While gift cards are typically associated with retail and restaurants, there is no reason that other businesses and organizations can’t tap into this multi-million dollar market.

Home service organizations are a prime candidate for selling gift cards.

I for one, have had many conversations with my siblings on what to get our parents every Christmas, birthday, Mother’s & Father’s day. Getting someone to go to their house to do a deep clean, or redo their kitchen floor has come up – but there was never an easy way to do that.

By setting up a gift card program, and promoting that on your website and on social media, you can take away that barrier and make it easier for people to find you and purchase from you.

For dentists, what better gift than the gift of a healthy mouth? Especially for those looking for cosmetic procedures, being gifted a new smile is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Especially in down-times, such as during a global pandemic, bringing in revenue for future work can be a big help to the bottom line.

  • 85% of U.S. adults agree that experience gifts are a great way for both the giver and receiver to enjoy something together; 93% of millennial women and 83% of millennial men (ages 18-34) agree with that sentiment.

  • Consumers tend to happily pay full price when they have a gift card instead of looking for coupons, discounts, and deals as it’s free money for them.

  • In a study by First Data, 72% of gift card redeemers spent more than the value of the gift card when redeeming them.

Options for a Gift Card Program

There are many services that make this super simple, and really affordable for you.

  1. Square has a program that charges you the same fees as any credit card transaction. 
  2. Gift Up has an option where you pay a percentage of the gift card, 3.49%, or a flat monthly fee. Note, that the percentage is in addition your credit card processing fees.
Both of these services will walk you through the entire set-up process, as well as how to redeem the gift cards on the back-end.

Sell Them Online

Sell eGift cards from your website and social media pages, giving customers the option to gift from anywhere.​

Boost Sales

Gift cards help bring in new customers and drive incremental sales for your business

Custom Designs

Select from premade designs or upload your own, and choose preset values that work for your business.

A Perfect Time for Businesses to Upsell

Lastly, when the redeemer comes to you to redeem their card, it’s a great time to potentially upsell them on other services as it won’t cost them that much more out of pocket as they already have “free money” to play with.

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