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Texting Can Improve Customer Communication

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Nowadays, with the presence of smartphones, communication with anyone in this world is easier than ever before. When it comes to reaching your customers, texting them could be the best option that you have. Gone are the days of playing phone tag and constantly missing each other. Now, you can benefit from texting your customers directly, which is especially helpful in the home service industry.

Don’t Get Ignored

With robocalls and spam telemarketers, many people refuse to pick up calls from numbers that they don’t recognize. This can be a problem if you’re contacting a brand-new client. They might not readily pick up your call to confirm an appointment or to plan for a consultation. By texting your client first, you can give them an ample heads up before you call or drop by a client’s home. If you do text them, it gives your clients a sense of both friendliness and professionalism. This is also accommodating for those that live alone, as you’ll help them feel more comfortable about your house visit. 

Send Reminders

You can also use texting to serve as reminders for upcoming appointments, service work, or payments. Emails are official, yes. Yet, not everyone checks their emails at all times. When you send a text message to remind a client of a due payment, you will know that they received your message. It’s a friendly yet firm way to remind someone that a payment is due. Whether you send a message in advance of a deadline or because they have missed a payment, it’s an easy way that you can keep a virtual record of what is due and for how much. 

Speed Up Communication

Another reason why texting your clients is a smart communication option is that you can trade pictures easily. If there’s a complicated problem that is better articulated with visuals, your client can send you a picture of the problem instead of having to phone it in or having to make a stop by the house, which takes time and effort out of your day. When pictures are sent within seconds, you can more quickly diagnose issues and come up with solutions to the problem at hand. 

Share Progress

In a similar fashion, when there’s a longer project that takes time, you can send pictures to your client to update them on your progress. Clients like to know how you’re moving along with the schedule and the task at hand. When you text updates, you can give assurance to your clients and also hold yourself accountable to finish on schedule. 

Texting can be a powerful tool for communicating with both new and prospective customers. The key strengths of texting customers include:

  1. Texts tend to be ignored less than unknown phone calls
  2. Texting customer allows for faster back and forth communication
  3. Convenience and accountability factors
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