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How Displaying Google Review Attributes Can Help Your Business


Google attributes are adjectives that customers can apply to their review of your business. In this post, we’ll go over why online reviews are important, how Google attributes work, and why you should definitely display them on your website.

Quick Reminder: Why Reviews Are Important

I often say that online reviews are the lifeblood of small businesses – the opportunities they provide for you to communicate with your customers are vital for success. Opportunities like:

  • Learning what your customers like and don’t like
  • Learning more about interactions between customers and employees 
  • Answering questions 
  • Sharing positive feedback from customers

What other people are saying about their experiences with you should be easy to find – whether it’s on a Google results page, your social media accounts, or your website, those glowing 5-star recommendations should jump out to potential customers.

Like this!:

So, What’s a Google Attribute?

When someone leaves a 4 or 5-star review, Google prompts them to choose from a list of adjectives (attributes) that they can use to describe their experience and labels them as “positive.”


If the review is between 1 and 2 stars, the suggested attributes are negative, and the list is labeled as “critical.”


Solving the Context Clues (Or Lack Thereof) Problem

One of the most useful functions of review attributes is their ability to provide context clues to ratings without any written feedback. 

Since the attributes automatically pop up after a user chooses their rating, it gives them a quick and easy option to explain why they left the number of stars they did.

So reviews like the ones below suddenly go from somewhat useless to informative and helpful:

Displaying Reviews & Attributes

Why is it important to make sure these attributes are displayed on your website along with the stars and comments? 

  • They give more context to reviews with ratings and no comments
  • They highlight key points of written reviews for quick and easy reading
  • They provide readers with as much info as possible to aid decision-making 

Note: This feature has been rolled out to a majority of different businesses, so it’s worth checking to see if you’re able to take advantage.

What If I Don’t Want to Display Negative Reviews & Attributes?

Good question. Southernmost Digital manages reviews for a lot of our clients, and we have a solution for that. We have a tool that lets us filter out and separate the positive from the negative reviews and control which ones are displayed on a client’s website. 

We also draft responses to negative reviews that address the issue while still maintaining our clients’ reputations.

If you:

  • Aren’t sure whether you’re able to display Google attributes in the reviews that are pulled into your site
  • Don’t have your reviews on your site at all
  • Want to filter what types of reviews are displayed and hidden
  • Just want to have a friendly chat –


Shoot me a message – I’m always happy to help!

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