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Google Text Ads Can Now Show on YouTube Search Results


New Addition Incorporates Ads to YouTube Search Via Search Partners

At SMX West in San Jose, CA, Google announced that advertisers paid search ads may now be shown on YouTube search results pages on mobile. When advertisers opt to include their ads in search partner results, this now includes YouTube, currently the second largest search engine in the US.

According to Google, they have seen similar results for search ads that run on YouTube as do on their search network. While looking for images for this post, I was not able to trigger any such ads in YouTube results, have you seen any?

What this means for advertisers

Advertisers that are currently not running any video ads and don’t have any presence on the second largest reach engine, can now crack in to that platform.

While great on the surface, these ads could potentially drive many impressions without yielding results. Remember, when someone is on the YouTube platform, they are primarily looking for videos – it is a different mindset than when on a search platform where a user is looking to visit another website. So it’s important to monitor your impressions to see if these results are driving traffic or slowing down your search campaign’s performance.

So what should you do?

As with anything – testing is key. Keep an eye on your campaigns to see how they perform when opted in to the search partners. Unfortunately Google does not provide details on which search partner’s sites your ads were displayed, so there is no way to see results of how well they performed on YouTube and/or modify bids based on different platforms. 


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